Friday, April 16, 2010

Guerrilla Trail Maintenance

Inspired by the conservative tea party activists, local trail conservation and maintenance teams led by Todd (of DC Geek fame) have taken to the streets...errr...trails. Under the nome de plume; Todd's Trail Teabaggers and armed with chainsaws (22 inchers no less), hand saws, hammers, nails, and without permission are cutting paths all over mountains we call home. Some trails that preexist, but suffered too much snow, are being re-opened (fallen trees cut away), but others are looking for new lines to replace the boring old routes. These Teabaggers know no bounds. The ever-popular swinging bridge across the Blackwater River fell beneath the heavy weight of this winter's snow fall, and no organization plans to restore the structure. Will the Teabaggers sack-up and erect the full span? Or will they ball-up and shrivel; choosing instead to carry their bikes over their drooping heads through the frigid waters? Maybe just restoring other damaged trails will sate their hungry appetite for construction. Todd, however, is an ambitious fellow, and it's hard to imagine him being fulfilled until the length and girth of that water-crosser is again spanning the Blackwater. Be cautious my friends, your asses could certainly be put in a sling for such ballsy behaviour.

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