Sunday, April 18, 2010

I'm Not Chasing Anything, Just Jogging Baby

Where is everybody? Ah yes, half the population headed to Babcock to run a half marathon (congratulations Jody, Jocelyn, Ryan, Brian, and Lilla) and the other half (Jeremy,Patrick, Anne, and Adelaide) participated in an Adventure Race. To throw down thirteen (13) plus miles this early in the season (we've only had clear roads and trails for a month) shows some bad-ass filament. The Adventure Race is the culmination of Jeremy's latest obsession, his body, and poor Patrick is being pulled along for the beating. Early reports tell a tale of a beating indeed; Patrick fell head over handlebars during the bike portion and a split and shattered helmet that littered the trail was what he had to show for it. Ouch!
Next week will find the HypnoFam heading to She-Town for the Race For The Birds footrace. Mostly the trip is an excuse to glide off of the mountain for a weekend. Shepherdstown is a great destination, if anyone else needs to escape for a bit, come by the HypnoVessel and talk to us about an exodus.

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