Saturday, April 10, 2010

Treats For Eyes And Mouths

Maybe you've noticed those buttons beneath our "...never forget..." banner? Go ahead click 'em. Are you back? Good. Not much of a journey, but they have purpose beyond a short trip down the cyber highway. The hypnovessel made another friend this week, Chantal, who happens to be our kind o' geek. She loves coffee and writes mean code fo' the 'puter. After ease-dropping on a barista bitch session regarding our lame website she pops up and says, "I can fix this". Only if you would be willing to work for dark delicious fluids and sweet preparation gear. She says "sure" and now we're only a couple of days away from an amazing looking website. She asked me to add the aforementioned pages so she can use them in her code universe. Done and done. Thanks Chantal!

Welp, the Rwanda Bourbon has run its course and until next year... adieu. Now from the dark continent I bring you Ethiopia Harrar. A natural processed bean from coffee's origin with a sweet nutty aroma, smooth body, and a cinnamon finish. Cade and I have even started playing with this one (1) in our espresso...beware. Since both Ethiopia and Sumatra are in rotation so is their child, French Kiss. All of you dark roast drinkers, rejoice. Keep your browser pointed to for new eye-candy.

To the dude caught dumping his household garbage in the vessel's dumpster...sorry for scaring you, and in the future, stay away from HypnoRefuse.

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