Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Coffee From Hot Places

So you think it's hot in North America? Move to Davis. And you could get a frozen mocha and head for the river, sucka!

  Map courtesy of Bali Blog

Word on the street (that's code for "phone") is that our derelict former Capt. (a.k.a. Grog Master 10 billion) has found some slime ball in the filth-ridden port of DC or some place that's waaaaaay hotter than anywhere in Dub V to rob a shipment of green beans just arriving in the land of liberty, and they are from our favorite little island of Java and Bali. JAVA JAVA JAVA JAVA JAVA!!!!! Don't you say that incessantly until you get your fix?

So keep yer eye (lost the other one in that last skirmish over the last hot cup of Devil's Kiss (2), eh?) out for two (2) new beans and, perhaps, some even more perverse blends of amazing brown grog. Speaking of grog, the Hypno Vessel is sailing head on towards serving Hypno Stout (MSBC) and some other tasty flavor delights that will bring you down off yer coffee buzz. Hypno Stout = Divine Combination.

That's right, as previously noted (Doble ve te effe? You didn't keep up on the blog? See the previous post, slack monkey.), we will be serving beer soon enough. Just don't come in at 7 a.m. and not expect weird looks when you order an in-house stout. You have a problem, me thinks. Until then, get a mocha, take it home, blend with beer of choice, and pretend it's what you've always can wait, can't you? This fellow customer will...

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