Thursday, July 1, 2010

Calm Unity

The title is Cory's interpretation of community. Working with people. Tolerance. Connecting. It's not easy, but it is better than being alone.

The peeps came out after the ship had begun to be steered by a new Capitan.While the feng shui has changed a bit (less poison arrows, me thinks), the quality coffee and uber-wacko wise-cracks have remained the same(ish).

Above you see Capt. Cade filing the papers to get beer, booze, alki hall in the Hypno Haven. That's right. You can get jacked up and wrenched down all at the same time/place/illusion of reality. Our drinks definitelyhelp your mind distort your own custom made reality. Add chocolate and its even sweeter. Can you say "Hypno Stout," sucka?!

The bad(ass)minton game got super hot. Like Lutz Boys make ya sweat hot. Yeah, come rip it up before the beer garden turns Davis into a tropical "macchiato in paradise" solace. Look out, Thomas, we've got beachfront.

Ollie and Pops had some riproarious fun on the porch. Ollie is going to be a drummer, we think. If you missed the jam out potluck, you missed it and a good time. 'Twill happen again...keep up with us here or in the sh-sh-shoppio, doppio.

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