Monday, November 29, 2010

Latte Art Or Monster?

Just to keep things fresh...I will do my best to post either a monster by Charlie or latte art by myself (Tony), Cade, or one (1) of the hypnoslaves daily. The difference between a monster and latte art are subtle indeed and probably open for debate; especially the art thrown on black Friday, sheesh those sucked!
Clearly the way to kick it off is with a monster. Today's offering is Slimer from Charlie's latest obsession, Ghostbusters. I couldn't be more proud of his choice.

The next one (1) is for Tim and Mackie; here's my daily conveyance:


Anonymous said...

Nice ride! It looks as if you've got a leather saddle on there and the flag is a sweet touch. Keep up the commuting (today was rain soaked) and it was good to see you guys this past weekend. We had a lot of fun catching up as we enjoyed caffeinated and alcoholic beverages! -Tim

Matt said...

Nice ride! Glad to see you are ejaculating to a bigger audience again...the blog goes back up the rankings towards the top of my pile.

Anonymous said...

Nice Ride! Nice Ride! Nice Ride!