Sunday, November 28, 2010

So Much Food, So Little Stomach

somebody, get this guy a drink

the first of many turkeys for c-lo

Like a G8 summit, a pacific-rim think-tank, or more appropriately, a Catalina wine mixer, the families hypno joined together for Thanksgiving. After the celebratory feast Summer and I rolled up our sleeves and slung drinks shoulder to shoulder with Cade. It was nice being in the trenches and saving your comrades one cappuccino at a time. We even threw a few superfluous latte art disasters at the end of the night.
The addition of beer to the drink menu is a welcome reminder of how to treat one's self at a busy day throwing sexy coffee drinks. I trust your Thanksgiving was as tasty as hypnos.

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Anonymous said...

Koffee can ruin any appetite.