Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Latte #11

Wowza we're busy. To the many intelligent, attractive, and generous denizens, who, having superior taste, have ordered gift boxes to be sent to their friends and mistresses. You are certainly keeping the small hypnocrew busy with roasting and packaging. To those who have yet to put hypno beneath a Christmas tree (the coffee shop in Davis is also bursting with coffee and swag) you had better hurry. I know Cade has to fill a large order for Santa later in the week (the island of misfit toys needs french-pressed coffee).

The above is for Tim. Yeah, commuting via bike has been more challenging these last two (2) weeks. Still doable, but just barely. My enthusiasm wanes some mornings as temperatures hover at twenty (20).

Today's eye-candy is a close-up of my lame rosetta. I've said it before, and it's still true, the drink tasted amazing; chocolaty, slight fruitiness, with a floral aroma. How was your drive through swill this morning? Worth photographing and writing about? Didn't think so.


Anonymous said...

Now that is badass looking! Snow covered trailer and all! Tonight should be an interesting commute home with 1-3" expected and snow is falling as I type. The only thing to do is adhere to Rule #5 of the Velominati set of rules:, which is simply "harden the fuck up"! Be safe out there.

Matt said...

Get some fatter tyres and some fatter clothes...break out the big dummy, dummy! Long wheel base, and underinflation should do wonders for your physical stability...can't help you with the mental aspect though.

HypnoBlog said...

Damnit Mackie, you should have talked to me sooner. I've just been adding fat to my body, felling tired, and calling myself a dummy.