Friday, December 17, 2010

Latte #12 With A Bonus Monster

Another morning cup from the author. I really need to start selling these again since there's nothing like it in Shepherdstown. The next best thing is Shane, a barista for the Shepherdstown Bakery. He trained here at the roastery over the summer and now throws the best commercial latte art in town. He is ramping up for a throw-down I want to host in the new year, and he will be the local boy to beat.

Charlie calls this one (1) a Krakken. I assume that has something to do with an underwater creature, or it could be the drug-dealers that used to hang-out in front of the hypnovessel in Davis. Many of you thought that was just the Chase boys, but dem boys was always up to sump'fem.

1 comment:

Cory said...

Me thinks its a Kraken.

Try pouring one of them in yer latte.