Friday, December 31, 2010

Latte #15 and Farewell to 2010

I hear it all the time, "how long will this go on?" Of course I am referring to the hypnocoffee dynasty that started at the end of 2006 and is constantly morphing, moving, shaking, twitching, and convulsing. We had another banner year by dividing and conquering. I took the roaster out of the Davis vessel and docked it in Shepherdstown, and instead of sinking the ship in our wake, first mate Archuleta stepped up and became a fully invested partner by agreeing to purchase the coffee ship. In our absence he and Carrie have done a bang-up job running the Original and have added some user-friendly features like booze and better-looking, better-tempered baristas.

For our part, the hypnofam, has settled into our new environs easily and quickly. We hit the ground running, moving here on the 18th of June and firing up the roaster on the 21st. There have been plenty of thirsty mouths to sate, and more keep showing up all the time. Shepherdstown has proven to be a good fit for the hypnocoffee roastery, providing us with an intelligent, well-heeled crowd that happily supports quality products and continues to challenge us with fresh ideas and high expectations.

We can't wait to unveil what's new for 2011. A couple of cats that have been scratching out of the bag are: hypnocoffee roastery will offer its first direct trade coffee offering, an organic, bird-friendly bourbon from Maurico Salazar's Santa Isabel Estate in El Salvador, the roastery also has plans to incorporate a self-serve coffee bean bin that allows our Shepherdstown locals a yet another more resourceful method (either mason jar or compostable bag) of taking our beans home, and lastly the roastery is tossing around the idea of serving a small select menu of our coffee drinks and a food pairing for local consumption.

The coffee shop is already offering the best beer selection on the mountain and biggest sand box too. They have plans for both. I hear there are plans to add cocktails and convert the sand box into a private beach for said cocktail quaffing.

2011 will no doubt bring more twitching, convulsing, shaking, and morphing, and I'll keep you abreast of every move.

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