Thursday, January 5, 2012


Almost everyone in business makes missteps, but none so literal as I. Many of you like to sit and chat with us, and as you know real estate within the walls of hypnocoffee is in short supply. In an attempt to give you more comfort I am replacing our glass merchandiser with a bar. Those who pay attention are already aware; but for the rest, our counter's fascia is composed of recovered pallet wood that we receive with every delivery of green coffee beans.

Yesterday, whilst harvesting some pallet boards I made one of those aforementioned missteps and put a rusty nail in my right foot. Puncture wounds worry me, so today I rousted the Vanagon from her winter nap and made the journey to the County Health Department. Replete with vinyl seating and countless pamphlets addressing gonorrhea, chlamydia, and all manner of warts, the friendly and very fast staff administered a bolus of Tdap to ward off death and lock jaw.
Despite my proclivities to put my foot where it doesn't belong; it looks like I'll be around a bit longer.

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