Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bench Press

The brew bar is beginning to crowd. In an attempt to expose you to as many brew methods as possible, the "just a cup of coffee" will be made with an aeropress for the next month or so, unless otherwise requested. Those in the know are familiar with the aeropress and the clean cups of coffee that drip from its pores. In brief, the aeropress is a syringe that holds a higher (than other methods) dose of finely ground coffee and just off-the-boil water, and where the needle should be is a perforated cap and a washed  paper filter. The coffee is so fine that the time it takes to pour water over the grounds, stir, finish filling with water and drop the plunger is all that is necessary to create a smooth sweet coffee concentrate. We will top the concentrate with water, americano-style, and the results are yours to judge and compare. The Burundi, in particular, stands out with this method.

If there is a method you'd like to see on the bar let us know, we love delving into methodology.

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