Tuesday, January 17, 2012

roast, cup, repeat

I spent the better part of today explaining the roasting process and cupping the outcomes with Liz G. of Stone Soup fame. I do not profess to be being a teacher and when the cadet is Liz I feel like I'm just preaching to the choir. Just having a palette like hers giving me feedback is invaluable, and a lot of fun. She was a more than patient student, and very comfortable on the cupping table. I am toying with the idea of having more classes like today's. I feel certain that the coffee geeks in the area would value a little time in front of the roaster and a lot of time slurping coffee at the cupping table. As I flush out the details I will post them here and on facebook. Until then, if you want to satisfy your inner-coffee nerd drop in and set up a time and date that fits your schedule. Lastly, thanks to Pang for the photos of the syphon pot brew method she took that now rotate on the head of this blog, which, by the way, are not showing up on my ipad. Who out there knows why Picasa doesn't play on ipad? Free coffee for the correct answer!

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