Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"Pawn" Shop

The sun is back, warmer weather to follow. The morning beat down caused by the sun not rising until 7:30 is alleviated a bit by the sunny afternoon. Today was built for chess and Seth and Becky battled it out all afternoon. I won't reveal who was Bobby Fisher for the day. Becky has agreed to perform in the shop for our Biscuits and Jam Saturdays, stay tuned for the exact date and time, but preliminary projections put her supplying the Jam the last Saturday of March.

Chris once again took on the role of my daily hero by showing up with a fresh supply of bagels. The last 72 bagels were all consumed, so a refresh was desperately in order. Flavors this week: Molasses Oat, Sunflower Seed, and Everything. These are more from Joel and Katie Wolpert, and if you've eaten them before you know how well made they are and how great they taste. I appreciate the ingredients list that has been included lately and if you are interested please ask to see it; lots of organic and or locally grown ingredients. Well done, Wolperts!

The last two days have gone by ever so pleasantly and we have enjoyed our neighbors here in Thomas spending their days with us. You know who you are and we thank you.

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