Monday, April 21, 2008


Tip of the hat to Mackie, Jason, and Mike. Mackie won his race! Jason pulled out a very strong (seventh) place finish it what sounded like a critical mass start. Way to go gentlemen, proof positive that we mountain top dwellers are a breed apart! Personal note: Mackie and I had discussions regarding my new commuter cargo bike (we are one step closer), keep your eyes peeled for the weird bike making it's way to Hypno.

This upcoming week sees two key Hypno regulars out of town. Curtis will be gone all week and Gary leaves for Philadelphia Freedom Wednesday. I hear your stomachs protesting, calm down, we've got you covered. Never short on guest chefs we intend to fill your bellies on the labours of Abus and Summer. First up is Summer punching the clock and cooking Felipe's Red Beans and Rice, both vegetarian and sausage filled. Mid-week brings Abus back to the mountain and besides tattooing our daughter, she wants kitchen time...Granted! What's that? Your sweet tooth is aching too? Gary is baking everyday until he leaves and we will be stocked with those amazing muffins while he is absent, thanks Gary.

A good weekend is in the books, Stevie came in for a run and we had a good time running Jeremy's route between Thomas and Davis. Also we had a nice showing of locals on Sunday, early risers (those over forty) and our early afternoon risers (those under thirty). That is what passes for bio-diversity around these parts. Whatever your hours or previous night's predilections, we are always happy to hang out with you!

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