Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Kids Grow Best Where They Are Planted?

Happy Earth Day to all loyal readers. Twas a dreary day on the mountain top, a misty morning, that saw only marginal improvement as the day progressed. We did, however, receive some great news. Not only do thousands of denizens celebrate Earth Day today by planting flowers, plants, and trees; but our own Gary brought news of seeds he had planted earlier in the year. It seems the Gary and Renee are expecting! Is this why you guys decided to marry? Well, we at HypnoCoffee welcome the addition and impending nuptials, and say the child of these two loving people will be another great asset to our little community. Hopefully this won't affect the production of Muffins!

Also planting itself in our community is the new pottery studio next door in MountainMade. Summer can't wait to check it out. Thanks for the drop by Mark, we are looking forward to coffee cups coming out of the kiln.

I know many are anxious in regards to Jeremy's injury. He is recovering quite nicely, only superficial damage done, and no plumbing was effected by the puncture wound. Future Bubbas were not lost in the accident, but Ben's nail gone has gone missing.

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