Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Them Some Good Dim Sum

Curtis has brought much honor to HypnoCoffee today. The Dim Sum is wonderful, we have all enjoyed this treat, and if you have yet to sup with us today's the day to begin. Included with the Dim Sum today has been a soy dipping sauce, jasmine rice, and Chloe's fifth grade pop culture quiz.

Jeremy has thrown down the badminton gauntlet and so today (maybe the only sunny day this week) sees another battle on the lawn. It is a good excuse to drink the remaining IPA from the baby kegger and get some free vitamin D. Willie and Chip are bringing the Mountain State Brewery A-game, and we look forward to the competition. Speaking of competition; Mackie has advised me that yesterday's photo is entirely too old, so in an attempt to properly represent the specimen we know ,click this link, http://iplayoutside.smugmug.com/gallery/4916711_EG9o8#293907399_oHuWZ

and this link,

and of course enjoy the above image (he's on the right doing the passing).

On the drink front we are blending smoothies and iced mochas down here from our sample box courtesy of Dr. Smoothie. Thus far everything as been dynamite and we plan to kick-off frozen drink service the week prior to Memorial Day Weekend. The smoothies we're trying are 100% fruit, no corn syrup, just good ol' fructose and crushed fruit. Yes, we are looking out for you, and just like our coffee and food we are only considering the highest quality products. I'm sure you'll like our choice, the first-rate pallet of our community must remain paramount.

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