Thursday, August 28, 2008

Any Given Thursday

Despite the grey skies and general gloom we kept the pace lively in the HypnoVessel. Aaron again pulled Thursday duty, and today developed into a 1990's theme organically and without dedicating any playtime to the hit makers of the decade. I was glad to have Aaron aboard to assist with drink building during our rush thanks to Garrett County College and of course the super-cool folks who participate in the CSA. Thursday's equal veggies in our part of the world and we were laden with a bounty today! Good work Backbone Farm, the basil...ahhhh the basil! Also assisting in the gloom-chasing was our own baker-in-residence, Gary.

The kitchen yielded an intoxicating aroma and a cornucopia of muffins, cookies, cakes, and bars; enough to rival the veggies. With seemingly so many of you leaving for the weekend it appears Gary's efforts will be the reward of tourists, but not to worry, there's always more where that came from.

After the ship was battened and the HypnoFamily was again at home, Charlie and I stepped outside into the grey before going on our evening run in order to participate in his third favorite activity bubble blowing, when the skies opened up. It wasn't a tropical storm, oh no, a more Seattle-esque misty shower was threatening our run. It can be difficult to begin a run (or any other outdoor exercise) when the rain is falling, but Charlie and I sallied forth and were rewarded with the presence of like-minded sychophants at the bottom of the hill. As Charlie and I rounded onto Davis' main drag and we were greeted by a hearty "hello" from the Ride At Five gang outside of Blackwater Bikes. A small, but obviously dedicated group of hard-core cyclists, was an encouraging site indeed. Good work oh dedicated riders!


Anonymous said...

Tony I saw your skills on the Highland Prospects blog, nice work pal!

Anonymous said...

Did you check the pic of that sweet ass bent over in the Rover? Holy-moly that's nice tone!!!