Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, thank you, thank you, thank you! The above photo is the captured image of the coolest damn book to grace the HypnoCounter in a long, long time! In remembrance of last Thursday's 80's marathon in the shop, Sarah was so inspired she must have rummaged for seconds in order to bring this little gem to light. The book was left with a note claiming an assurance of my already owning a copy, and yes, of course, I do. It's just mine is so dog-eared, worn, and photos faded from the gleaming light of my smile, that my copy is barely readable. Good work Sarah, free skim latte for you!
We should probably hold discourse in regards to why the music of our formative years is so important to us. We have to assist Sarah in the justification of her owning the WHAM! book. The easy answer is she purchased the book in 1983, fantasies of running away with George Micheal, bearing his children, and maybe even filling in as a back up singer on the "Choose Life" tour. Oh the future certainly was hot pink. The long answer has something to do with Sarah clinging to the legitimacy that somehow because of the twelve (12) year-old crush, George Micheal is really an artist to be studied, revered, and of course his music is to be mined for intellectual content. I hope the former is what keeps this book at Sarah's fingertips. Sarah, what's the deal?

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