Monday, August 11, 2008

Cold Front?

Summer, hath thou forsaken us for Autumn? The last few days and the next few to come have had a nip in the air as evidenced by the tourists wrapped in garbs of fleece and wool as if it were an October evening. Perhaps this is a harbinger of a snow filled winter! I am surprised the current chill wasn't used as an excuse by the defeated Thomasonians. I must have heard every other excuse over the weekend regarding their loss to Davis in kick ball. At least there are no hard feeling? Right? Good, you can take solace in your ability to talk a good game.

Mackie raced again Sunday, and again placed first in his division. His domination always tainted (in his mind) by the presence of another rider of his age, but who rides in a different Open Class. I care not for the nagging voices of "big pictures" in Mackie's head; no, I am impressed with the consistency and the work ethic it takes to stay so amazingly competitive in any class.

Many of you are tuned into the Honor Coffee system; good work and thanks. It makes our job behind the counter easier and I am fully aware of your desire not to interact with myself or my surly baristas. The decision not to talk to us is usually a smart one, unless your under the age of three (3). The young still enjoy what it is I have to say, just ask Zanna, Arden, and Marlin all of whom visited the shop and enjoyed my witty banter. These babies and toddlers are far superior in their judgement of character than even myself!

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Anonymous said...

See, the intro line made me think you caught Summer in a cool ass affair with a hippie chick named autumn