Thursday, August 7, 2008


The HypnoHousehold swells to one (1) more today as Summer's father rolls into town, howdy Al. If you are in the shop and see a tall Italian man named Al, give him a hearty "hello". Gretchen's check-up went well yesterday. We are very aware of her Michelin Man appearance, but the scales don't lie. She weighed-in in the 99th percentile for infants seven (7) weeks old! That's right, out of 100 babies, only one (1) weighs more than Gretchen. If you're in the HypnoVessel and want to hold young Gretch, use proper lifting techniques as our insurance doesn't cover baby lifting injuries.

Did you know...Badminton (the sport of HypnoFame) is an Olympic Event! A goal worthy of my attention, training starts now! Once aboard, ask about the research we've done regarding the US Badminton Olympic squad, the motliest crew in China!

I have only one (1) public service announcement for you today. Lesser, unscrupulous blogs would relay the sordid tale behind today's public service announcement, but we here at the HypnoBlog feel the story itself is irrelevant compared to the warning we are issuing. If you are at the gas pump with say...Janel, and she offers to pump the gas, politely decline, and pump the fuel yourself. Yes, even in January, pump the fuel yourself!

Tomorrow brings the kick-ball battle between Davis and Thomas. Crews are assembling, smack is being exchanged, and uniforms are being fashioned. I wish the best of luck to those Thomas residents brave enough to show tomorrow.

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