Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Field of Shattered Dreams

Allow me to bring you up to speed. Over the weekend our local racers, Jason and Mackie, took to Lake Hope State Park in Ohio for the Race to the Hills. Jason being so fast, sheered his rear brake disc right off the hub attempting to scrub speed. It must be nice being that fast. Speaking of fast, our Mackie put the pedals to good use, taking second overall and winning his division, Expert Studs. He and four (4) other riders broke from the pack early and Mackie pulled the eventual winner the entire race, sans the final downhill.

Also on the competitive streak was the HypnoTeam (Tony and the Director of badminton fame). Your favorite warriors of the lawn took their undefeated record to the field of glory against Summer's sisters and Chip (of Mountain State fame). Our first match-up was with the solid team of Jeremy (of Murray State fame) and the aforementioned Chip. No problem, victory HypnoTeam! The next several matches were fought amongst teams consisting of Summer and Katie, Alex and Chloe, and the one (1) loss already team of Jeremy and Chip. Once the dust had settled Jeremy and Chip were standing, ready to return to the field against the indomitable HypnoTeam. Darkness had fallen, so under the lights an epic battle ensued. A late break away by the HypnoTeam put another check mark in the win column, thus ending the night's battles. Thanks to all who participated and lost!

Look for the HypnoFamily roaming the streets with extras in tow. Say hello to Katie, Alex, and Jeremy making them feel welcome. Oh, and don't forget the slanderous remarks directed at Katie.

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