Saturday, August 2, 2008


Just because Brian M. does it, doesn't mean you can.


Doc Lambert dropped off his latest CD in the HypnoVessel this morning, thanks! On its first spin, the tunes were met with volume increasing approval. By the way, if you touch my stereo again you'll pull back a bloody stump. Thomas is abuzz with kick ball fever. Even the hippies are getting competitive.

Rob (of Hellbender fame) is back on his feet again! Welcome back to the world of the walking. He even helped out with our dinner last night. After a meeting of the Thomas Davis Businessmen for Trouble Eradication Cadre ran slightly long last night, Summer and I tripped down to Hellbender for a belated dinner. Charlie, who had already eaten with Grandmother, was not thrilled with our dining arrangement. As precocious children do, Charlie aired his grievances aloud and often. Special, I mean special, thanks to Rob for getting in there and distracting my progeny whilst Summer and I ate. A consummate professional!

While we are on the subject professionalism, Nick C. Hunt, arrived...Late Again! Hereto and forth a pool shall be put into action. For the next month you may bet on whether Nick can indeed arrive on time. Here's how it works: you pick a time of day 8 am until 5 pm, if Nick arrives late (and he will) I shall record the time at which he drags in, and if you have selected that time (or closest to it) you win! If by some divine intervention Nick arrives before or at 8 am he wins the pot. Oh and yes 8:01 is late. One (1) dollar to play and share in Nick's degenerative humiliation.

The temperatures are rising this weekend despite the thunderstorms that kept the entire mountain top awake, and the proof was in the customers. Nicole (of Aldredge Fame) showed up this afternoon sans top! Summer was quick with the camera, good work dear! Enjoy the photos today, I know you will!

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Anonymous said...

whats with the look on Nick C Hunt's face? he watching Summer breast feed? LOL