Friday, August 15, 2008


Yes it is worse than it appears.

In an effort to keep our dialog bristling with full disclosure and honesty I sometimes have to expose the embarrassing, and it is here that I take you today. While scouting some of the more remote areas yesterday with two (2) Prospectors, following trails created by better equipped vehicles, we happened quite effortlessly onto a ridge where the trail conditions went from rough to deplorable within feet. In an effort to escape from the increasing mud I swung a hard slippery left in a clearing, only the clearing turned out to be a bog! Splash, Slop! The eagle landed, and it is a splash down. A desperate attempt at digging, pulling, rocks under tires, and beard stroking failed to extricate the truck. Night fell and one (1) truck was abandoned.

A fitful night's rest and morning brings a fresh perspective, and help. It may take only one (1) idiot to put a truck in a bog, but it takes a village to yank his dumb ass out! Bring your taunts, teasing, and name-calling to the HypnoVessel and point them directly at me.

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