Friday, September 5, 2008

Mojito, "Where A Man Can Be A Man"

Hat's off to Jeremy (of Bubba Fame) for the come from behind, hell, come from nowhere, win of the first ever Mojito Cup. The Mojito Cup is a skeet shooting competition held by the charter members of the Gentle-men's Gun Club. Jeremy went from shooting about 40% to nailing 100% of targets flown down range! Wow!

For those not in the know, Chloe has returned from her visit to Florida. We as a HypnoFamily are overjoyed to be complete again, especially Charlie, who hasn't left her side since her return. The HypnoParents has been put back in their place as providers of juice only, welcome home Chloe!
Rumors. If rumors are true, and let's be honest they are mostly true, a "Big Dummy" is coming to town today! Stay tuned for photos of the aforementioned Big Dummy soon. Also coming soon is a coffee roaster. The plan is to start roasting our own coffee beans at the end of the year. Yes, of course, you can buy coffee beans from us; we expect that to happen. Oh yes, the price will be very reasonable. Are you local? Good, once the roasting starts the pound of coffee you purchase will cost the same as any other wholesale customer; that's right, you pay wholesale just because you are our neighbor. Yes, we have spread the love, and have the scars to prove it.


"snomonkey" said...

Do you need a roasting apprentice? Can't wait to try your Blackwater Espresso Roast or the HyperHypno Jumping Bean Roast. Those will be your first roasting attempts, right?

HypnoBlog said...

Apprentice? You should be a full time "namer", you can call your business, Nomenclature.