Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wed Day, Wed Night

What is there to do on Wednesday? Glad you asked. Two (2) events are on the schedule today; start after work; an Ultimate Frisbee pick-up game is going down at the soccer field behind Davis-Thomas Elementary Middle School at 6 (six) pm, and later into the evening, perhaps as your Frisbee game wraps up, get your Ultimate disc throwing self to Mountain State Brewery and sup on Chip's sauce and noodles and watch "Fistful of Dollars" as Wednesday nights are "Spaghetti Western Nights". Instead of lamenting the lack of activity, engage in what we have to offer. See you there.

As gas prices continue their assault on your pocketbook, wallet, cigar box, or sock I for one (1) am gearing up for the solution. As you know, I put my butt in a saddle and commute via two (2) wheels fairly often. As you can image the commute gets very difficult, neigh on impossible, on those days (and they are often) when it is necessary to commute with several gallons of milk and supplies in tow. The solution... "Big Dummy"! It's not just the most common phrase used to describe me, but it is also a cargo bike, capable of hauling 400 pounds of rider and gear; more than enough. The Big Dummy should arrive at Blackwater Bikes this Friday and the wrenching together should begin early next week! Thanks to Roger and Mackie for the copious amounts of support in the obtaining of this special bicycle, I can't wait!
News Flash! a new librarian has taken the vacancy, all welcome Ivonne Martinez to the community. She has thrown her hat into the ring and will need our support in the guidance of arguably one (1) of the most valuable resources in the community, the Library. Ivonne is holding a meet and greet day next Tuesday, September 9th. See you next Tuesday.

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