Monday, October 6, 2008

We'll Egg You

The real Skipper (also may be One-Night-Stand Barbie)

I have heard your demands and have negotiated with Gary, you win, we will be forced to provide Quiche all-week-round. Our egg-periment has touched a nerve with many of you and it shall be taken off of weekend only status and put into full rotation. Also touching a nerve are these "Doll" posts, good show by all participating in the Comments section. The photo of Skipper was obviously a mock-up provided to me by the folks at Mantell. The actual photo of Gary's friend Skipper is above this narrative, thanks to the astute person pointing out that the Skipper representation was obviously boyfriendable. Girls made of plastic have been a highlight of many a lonely and drunken gentleman glued to the bar stool at Mountain State. Usually the plastic paramour is more life-sized and inflatable, just ask Chip to show you his.

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