Tuesday, October 7, 2008

You've Got Something On Your Lip

Summer, Chloe, and Gretchen made it out last night, escaping Casa de Hypno in order to catch a show by Alex Diaz at the Purple Fiddle. Thanks to Alex for dropping off the poster for Chloe and checking out her YouTube video, you might be her first fan. Charlie and I held down the HypnoBastion and defended our abode from banditos, dinosaurs, and giant sharks; all of the creatures inhabiting the mind of Charlie. I was also afforded a brief respite in which I cut Charlie's flaxen locks. An even better looking son greeted his mother upon her return from the "girl's night out".

As you may have noticed, if you were so fortunate as to visit the shop today, that "Kisses $1.00" was today's special. No kisses were rung up in the register, but the Director had an unusually large number of tips today...hummmmm? Just don't come crying to me when the oral herpes outbreak ruins your Halloween.

The Gentlemen's Gun Club had a record number of contestants at last night's "Mojito Cup". Congratulations to Zach, and good choice picking the "buck" hat as your prize. Since the attendance has crept into the almost unmanageable, the charter members have reached the decision to no longer post the when and where of our "Mojito Cup" and take the Gentlemen's Gun Club back underground, where it belongs. Attendance is again on a need-to-know basis, sorry for the inconvenience, o-pioneers of the mountain top.

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