Saturday, November 15, 2008

Going Down The Drain

Plumbing went into place this morning; two (2) sinks, one (1) espresso machine, two (2) coffee brewers, two (2) filters, and five (5) drains occupied Dave's time and he especially enjoyed the crawling in and out from under our new and beautiful counters. Also giving Dave the "red ass" were the drain fittings inability to properly seal. The disobedient fittings will have to be addressed Monday morning, thus no coffee on your Monday commute, unless we substitute our drain with a bucket. The glove ledge, which will both hide the counter top's debris (toasters, blender, portion grinder, shotgun, and Summer's knife collection) and provide a handsome perch for our delectables was completed, and Tucker County's coolest cash register came back to life, despite the absence of Internet. A service call is in motion, keep your laptops idling. A make-shift stereo system also made its way into service today, and tomorrow sees even more final touches. Thanks to the many neighbors for stopping by, and to the thirsty visitors; sorry no espresso today. Just a few more days of the shakes, you've come this far, you can do it.

The mountain top got a little happier today with the return of Stevie and the Johnson. Tales of a Yeti, John Fogerty, and riches spilled from his lips. Ahhhh, this winter holds much promise.

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Anonymous said...

wow tony your opening is going as well as dreams on front street!


the director

ps:that was a joke