Friday, November 14, 2008

I Managed A Smile Today

Something is stirring in the ashes. Look at what the cat dragged-in! Chip (of Mountain State fame) and I hit the highway this morning and returned with the counter tops and sore fingers from the air-guitar competition held in the keg van. A special thanks to Mountain State for loaning me the keg van for pick-up and delivery duties. What would I do without their van and intoxicants? Dave, Matt, and Pop (of cabinet building fame) got right to work on the myriad of details now available for completion. Tomorrow should see a huge leap in appearance and functionality of our previously idle space. Drop by, like many today (Rob, Ben Q., Keith, et. al.) for a sneak peek, and maybe we'll hang the shingle Sunday or Monday...Monday is more realistic. I'll give you the green light tomorrow. Finally, some silver-lining!

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