Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Iceman Cometh

Step onto the deck and enjoy the view.

I sit behind a dune of snow, my OPEN sign a-glow in the window. I enjoyed skiing in this morning, and not just as practice today, but as practicality. Yesterday's snowfall was a relentless affair; swirling, pouring, and drifting into barricades all over town. My vehicles sit dormant behind drifts up to their windows as I glide by in the pre-dawn. Self propulsion is certainly quicker transportation on this morning when one considers the shoveling involved in the extrication of their vehicle. As you arise this morning, a little blurry after Melissa's (of Hellbender fame) birthday blowout and look at your skis and your keys, remember one (1) of your options entails a hell of a lot of shoveling.

Mike and Kathy (of Tucker County Gladiator fame) made it through the mass. Mike, always the honest man, informs me he is paying for two (2) of Kathy's drinks. Kathy apparently enjoyed a five-fingered discount yesterday morning, exploiting my kindness and jovial nature by stealing her morning Red-Eye. I see how it is now, and will keep a watchful eye on Kathy in the future. Remember Kathy, I prosecute to the maximum allowable by law! This gives me something to be thankful for: to Mike for the heads-up on his wife's nefarious character, it wasn't easy ratting her out, but it was the right thing to do. We aboard the HypnoShip are extremely thankful for the support and friendship we receive from our local community.
A Happy Thanksgiving wish going out to our friends in the much warmer environs of Florida; Phil, Pam, and Nick (plus utero Aidan) celebrating your second Thanksgiving as fam.

1 comment:

Kathy said...

Had it not been for the honesty of said "Kathy"...asking Mr Galdiator to pay for the coffee of yesterday...then the merchant would be out in the deep snow with not a shovel...
(Raises her nose in the air making a hmphf sound and winking)