Thursday, November 20, 2008

No Traffic

The morning commute has become fun! Stepping out of the house and seeing the streets covered in a sheet of ice, the temptation was too great. I was running a bit behind and the Flexible Flyer was idling on the porch, taunting me with its promise of a speedy diamond lane commute. Okay, I took Chloe's ride, strode to the crest of 5th Street, mounted the ice-riding steed, and with a couple of paddle motions on the street was off. The hill that normally takes about three (3) minutes of slipping to trudge down took all of ten (10) seconds to descend. It was a fast and almost harrowing ride, as the sled would gain tremendous amounts of speed once the steel runners came in contact with patches of black ice, and my center of gravity seemed too high most of the trip. Despite the precarious ride I arrived quickly and without injury. Also arriving quickly were Rob, Melissa, and Gary B. Not to be outdone by his girl and ignoring his physician's orders, Rob clipped in and made the trek in good style and without pain! Good show.

1 comment:

jack McG said...

Do we need new street signs ?

Sleds crossing ?
Sledestrian Traffic ?