Saturday, November 22, 2008


Today's journey began with skiing to work. Each day seems to be an exercise in new conveyances to the Hypnoship. The skiing is certainly the coolest and gives me cred with the locals, plus like sledding, it is fast!

A note to users of our back country; hunting season begins Monday, so stop wearing your antler hats, white-tail ski jackets, and op for White Grass where all are safe from gun play. Yesterday saw a boy from out of town trying to get a jump on hunting season. He took aim at some local wildlife, but luckily officials from the GGC stepped in and the youngster was sent home without sullying hunting season, only putting a dent in the GGC's evening.

Many thanks to our patrons who have come by the shop since our reopening. Your presence aboard the ship has certainly buoyed our spirits and has placed the HypnoVessel back on track financially. Our new anchorage has brought a plethora of positive feedback, making the work worthwhile, thanks.


Anonymous said...

damn, guess we can start calling thomas/davis "the hood" now? thank god for no stoplights... might get carjacked!

HypnoBlog said...

No stop lights but plenty bruthas n sistas be pullin' in da Hypno fo they coffee...let da jack'n begin!