Thursday, November 13, 2008

Not Again?

The "bright-side" is in transit!

I bet you thought the dark clouds that rolled in last night were a normal late-fall storm. Do you ever tire of being wrong? No, the storm clouds were conjured by your author, clouds filled with the expletives that have been flowing from my lips and tears of frustration and anguish not rain has been falling all day. You guessed it, the counter tops did not arrive...AGAIN! Like a reoccurring bad dream, tomorrow is the new arrival date. If the counter tops do indeed arrive tomorrow I will pass the word on to you and give you a firm opening date. This has become a combination of the movies Groundhog Day and O' Brother Where Art Thou; everyday is a repeat of the day before coupled with us being a "geographical oddity, two (2) weeks from everywhere." Thanks to Dave (of cabinet building fame) for graciously listening to the many threats, swears, and fist pounding that has filled another of my days.

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