Sunday, November 23, 2008

What A Week

Gretchen, finally chowing from the galley, not just from mother's bow-side.

I didn't mention it yesterday, but on my way in to the HypnoVessel, I took a little spill. I was trying to turn and...sure I could use the excuse that skiing on ice, descending, and trying to turn are just plain lethal, however, the truth is I don't quite have my sea-legs as far as cross-country skiing goes. I had a much improved trip this morning (I wisely decided not to turn!) and made it aboard without suffering a bruised posterior and wet pants. I disclose this as a call to all of the would-be tutors in our midst. Maybe some afternoon soon we could leave the HypnoVessel and ski together; you providing pointers and positive reinforcement and I providing comic relief. Stop by this week and sign up for this "special" assignment.

Word on the street is that White Grass killed it yesterday! Way to go Grassers! We are all benefiting from this "bonus" snow and next week looks pretty good as well. There are so many fingers crossed that this is the start of a good winter, it's been difficult to type.

Come by Tuesday or Wednesday and check out the new Roaster or Charlie's new haircut (among my many talents is using a bowie knife to cut hair)! The Diedrich IR3TT should arrive sometime Tuesday; while Charlie is already sporting the latest style. Before you know it, the next phase of our voyage together will begin, and perhaps we won't be "in irons".


Pete said...

Does that mean you are roasting already? Can't wait to get a nose of that - What kind of beans will you have next week?

HypnoBlog said...

Not just yet, roaster should arrive Tuesday. Beans we have standing-by are: Ethiopia Yergacheffe, Columbia, and Papua New Guinea.

Anonymous said...

Gretchen's looking good--I am looking forward to the little milestones with Aidan--32 days