Wednesday, December 3, 2008

HypnoDragon Style!

" When you can snatch the Cappuccino from my hand, you will be ready."

Mornings in Davis are becoming Hypnotic. Between eight (8) and nine (9) a.m. many of you swim aboard for a roust-about from your coffee shop. I feel as if I have built the Arc, the water is rising, and you are scrambling to get aboard. Thank you. The patterns are settling into all of our lives as we interconnect daily. Many feel a guilty pleasure in the routine; "I really should be getting to work..." or "Thank God Mike is cool with me stopping here...". There is no need for guilt, I provide sustenance for your mind by purveying stimulants and human amusement at modest rates, you need this. Your patronage keeps me, my family, and this shop going and in turn the start of your day has its load lightened; and thus the cycle rolls on. As you are aware, my attempts to further my influence in your routine are about to start in the form of roasting. This Friday will see our trainer sailing through the ether and by the afternoon the kung fu begins its passage from sensei to student. Before you know it Hypno will be in your cupboard, influencing your everyday. What an honor!

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Anonymous said...

So it has begun. I look forward to sampling the product. Good luck.