Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Is Over, Now Get Back To Work

That's Issac, playing wayyy back the dark.

The HypnoFamily bids adieu to my parents today. Gone is assistance with home, children, cooking, cleaning, etc. that we have enjoyed since Gretchen came along. It's been a long run, and our eternal gratitude for my mother's selflessness carries her home.

Now that the HypnoClan is again flying under its own recognisance, the banter within the vessel will certainly go unchecked, hence inappropriate. Let the expletives fly! Aaron and I have been throwing around the comments, to the delight of many a patron, not the least of which was Rob and Melissa (of Hellbender fame). You are all very welcome.

Neighbors and friends are returning from a long weekend of over-indulgence, thus the drag in their steps. The neighbors who managed to make it back yesterday and were lucky enough to attend the recital last night at the Thomas Education Center, were treated to Chloe's first solo performance singing and playing guitar. Also debuting their talent were HypnoKids, Issac and Forrest, Issac playing guitar and Forrest playing piano. Stars are being created, don't miss your chance to say, "I saw 'em at the beginning, way before they went all commercial!"

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