Wednesday, December 31, 2008

HypnoYear In Review

Before you head out into the storm tonight dressed as a cowboy and start imbibing with Mountain State Brewery, let us take a moment and reflect. The HypnoVessel will turn one (1) year old in two (2) weeks and now, on this last day of 2008, we are ready to glance back over the year and reflect on the high moments of community cornerstone ownership.

1. Open the shop, life savings invested, get to know the gay community of the mountain top as they are the best chefs/bakers.

2. Gary introduces us to "Monkey Balls" which we rename and sell as "Monkey Muffins", and no, you don't want to know what is in them.

3. The "Heck" bender controversy! It is a salamander!

4. Yo! HypnoRaps!

5. CopFest, Robbie B., and myself drinking on foot whilst posing with the Sobriety Check Point sign.

6. The Director spearheads our presence at CheatFest, returns to Thomas penniless, shoeless, and hungover for three (3) days.

7. Ace of Hearts show at Mountain State Brewery.

8. The Director being made Employee of the Month.

9. Gretchen Alexandra is born.

10. David Blaine visits Davis, bends a quarter in half, makes a burrito disappear, pals around with Grateful Bob, and impresses absolutely no one.

11. Three (3) words that strike fear in the hearts of the bravest men: Tucker County Gladiator!

12. The HypnoVessel receives her first and only huge set of Blue Balls.

13. Fourth (4th) of July comes and record sales follows.

14. HypnoFriends, Phil, Pam, and Nick visit and leave addicted to new role as "dealer" is secured.

15. Davis kicks Thomas' ass at a friendly game of kickball!

16. Rocked by Amadeus.

17. Wham! book.

18. GGC formed, GGC disbanded.

19. Delivery bike purchased and named after the rider, "Big Dummy".

20. I Will Yell At You.

21. Chloe's doll photos and the stories that follow.

22. Sarah and Matt elope at Blackwater Bikes, the next day Matt is diagnosed with herpes.

23. HypnoVessel closes, then reopens in our new portage of Davis, WV.

24. Early snow, often snow.

25. Roaster fires up, best damn coffee follows.

We look forward to another year serving our friends and neighbors, thanks for supporting us, laughing with us, and getting jittery with us.

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