Monday, December 29, 2008

TCT Fun-Raiser

If you were there you were there! Another successful Tucker County Trails fundraiser was had by our community, and early reports are that we raised over a grand. Good work and kudos to Ben, Jeremy, Rob, Melissa, the 'bender staff, and the Weedhawks for putting on a great shindig. The Weedhawks are first rate entertainers and certainly assisted with the loosening of purse strings and put everyone of us in good spirits, thanks. I have to figure out the "roasting" I now owe Evan. He bid on and won the most arcane item of the night, "a berating by Tony". He being a Supak means if I do a good job, I get my ass kicked; a fine line must be adhered to!

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Anonymous said...

hello meeester toney, I'd like to bid on a date with mariah or tasha please!