Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'd Give You The Shirt Off My Back

How the afternoon changed. Summer arrived, and with her, the estrogen wave. A bevy of local girls were hanging out, talking about the boys in the community (oh yes, I do know who has herpes!), and the one-upmanship didn't stop there. They even put together a night event aboard the HypnoShip; a Clothing Swap next Monday (December 15th) at seven (7) p.m. I'm not sure of the rules, but I believe you should have ovaries and be willing and comfortable with undressing in front of other girls...and cameras. Okay, maybe that's a fantasy, instead bring at least three (3) articles of clothing and/or accessories and be prepared to leave with someone else's goodies. Our first nighttime gathering and it's a girlie event!


Anonymous said...

Be careful - I once crashed a clothing swap and the photos of me in a mini skirt were posted in a bar for years

HypnoBlog said...

Dear Anonymous, is that you Chris Mallow a.k.a the Director?