Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sausage Fest

Like any other morning today, except it was an all male affair aboard the ship. Swashbucklers from the community without a lass in site. Many a comparison to a barber shop, replete with Willie (of Mountain State fame) claiming ownership of a barber's chair, and how nicely it would look aboard the vessel. Agreed. Whenever a young lady boarded the ship the conversations changed appropriately or ceased all together creating an air of mischief to our goings-on. The fairer sex would order and make haste for the door, obviously an intelligent move!

Male or female, if you were lucky enough to visit this morning you undoubtedly noticed my meager Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Bring in a decoration, something that represents you and/or your family and I will gladly adorn the tree. No promises of dancing beagles, but a much improved tree will be all of our reward.

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