Sunday, December 7, 2008

...Nipping At Your Nose

Digging out.

Santa, appearing at the HypnoVessel today!

I await tales from last night's Dionysus gathering at WhiteGrass; the annual Jack Frost gala. As always there are ins and outs to the guest-list that intrigue me. Take Stevie for example. He stopped by the HypnoVessel yesterday evening revealing a new haircut, new Dwight Schrute-esque spectacles, a pimp's mustache, moonshine from Grafton, and citrus salsa. The piquing combination promised felonious fun.

Early reports from the front-lines are sedate. Plenty of weather related beached cars. In the future, just pour the moonshine into the snow, it should melt ice better than global warming. The only real blight to the evening appears to be the presence of one (1) Josh Marshall. We in the mountain top community are well aware of his nefarious actions and with temperatures in the teens it shouldn't be too difficult to give that boy the cold shoulder. Denizens of the mountain top unite! Let that kid know if you conduct yourself like that, you are not welcome here!

Beyond the public service message I have only to encourage all able bodies (both of you after last night) to get back to WhiteGrass for the kick off of the hashes. There will be skiing this year!

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