Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Keeping up with demand is becoming the kind of problem our HypnoPals at Mountain State Brewery have been experiencing and now I'm starting to know what that is like. Everyone has been telling me that it is a good problem, and I tend to believe them, and I know it is easily solved. Speaking of solving problems; thanks to Keith (of Ivonne and Keith fame) for solving our planned parenthood problems. Keith, on his way to Oakland, MD this morning, asked if we needed anything and we DID. Keith had no idea he would aide the HypnoFamily in its pursuit of keeping our crew of kids down to three (3), but that is exactly the duty he enlisted for. I personally thank you for picking up Summer's birth control pills, well done.

This time of year can exacerbate problems, and much like the problems of demand we and Mountain State are trudging through, Santa too is under much stress. So many toys to still be built, personal appearances to be made, and Mrs. Claus has been preoccupied lately with Facebook and her My Space page. That's a lot of weight to be carried upon those broad joy-delivering shoulders. Today, in fact, we in Davis witnessed a chink in the fabled red suit. Santa was scheduled for a personal appearance at our local hangout, Hellbender Burritos, from one (1) until three (3) pm. Although St. Nick managed to show up, he was having some trouble with the "jolly" part of his job description. In an attempt to fabricate some joy, he must have consumed some of the elves special liquid happiness; eggnog, prior to reporting for duty. The nog certainly assisted with the required gregariousness for a little while, but as many already know, what goes up must come down. During his glad-handing and ho-hoing, ol' Santa arose and exited the building. Hellbender staff reported the staggering St. Nick made it only as far as the curb before he fell down. His head was in his hands, elbows akimbo on his well-worn knees, and Kris Kringle sat motionless on the icy sidewalk, frozen in the gaze of many a chagrin eye. We know not the weight and breadth of Santa's troubles this time of year, we can only hope he finds both the strength to carry out his monumental task, and the strength to stay off the nog. I'll be scanning the sky tomorrow night with my fingers crossed.

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Gandalfthe5000ator said...

I believe there to be a problem with the narrative here. Does this strike anyone else as a little too iconic? And of what icon? Is this a Greek play that such things are possible? What kind of context generates this kind of dramatic mythological performance? Interesting to have difficulties generating a proper holiday fantasy character.