Monday, December 22, 2008

Gird Your Loins My Friends

Holy moly! Now it's cold outside; punishing cold, expunging even smells from the air. My morning stroll was more like paying a price for past sins and transgressions. As soon as the short journey took me in a westerly direction, the biting wind cut through me, causing my eyes to tear up and the tears to freeze to my eyelashes, and if that weren't enough the skin on my face felt as if it were being removed by frozen razors. I had to re-fortify myself in the shelter of the firehall's eaves, collect my breath which had been stolen, ignore the ice-cream headache, and make a dash the last block for the shop door. Running as if my life depended on it (and it did indeed!), I made it to the companionway of the vessel only to find the door frozen! A layer of ice still occupies the inside of the glass, yeah, that's inside the heated shop. Today we are all working for Mountaineer Gas company, as the fuel required to heat our one hundred plus (100+) year old homes has to be astronomical. To those few brave souls who were forced by employers or habits to be out in these elements, and who stopped aboard, I thank you. It was no small task to get your fix today.

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