Sunday, December 21, 2008

Something Wicked This Way Comes

What a weekend, so many partaking in take-home bags of coffee I had to order more green beans. Thanks to you all. The whole mountain top will be a-buzz, busily heading to work, walking the dog, making burritos, killing chickens, and whatever other activities we participate in tomorrow morning. Purveying stimulants is an important community role, one (1) I am familiar with as a former speed dealer from Florida. Only now, I hardly ever have to shoot my way out of a hotel room after watching my friend being stabbed by a Cuban drug lord, or fight possession with intent charges. This new gig is so much easier, thanks Witness Relocation Program, and to Senor'll never take me alive!

I digress; yesterday I received the court ordered three (3) day notice before the Director returns to the mountain top. Judge Snells ensured the safety of all denizens when he required the Director to call ahead so that we may ready ourselves by locking up our daughters and hiding our booze. This coming Tuesday should see the Director in town and hopefully by Wednesday he'll be back aboard the HypnoVessel. He still has several hours of community service to fulfill, and our ship is one (1) of the court appointed work locations. Besides, he is saving money to fight the paternity suite he finds himself entangled in back in Missouri. What's more expensive, Waffle House waitresses or Missouri attorneys? The Director now knows!

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Anonymous said...

Please take note: This nepharious individual must not only receive the welcoming he deserves ( hourly stone-showers, tar n' feathers, dunce cap, and in-voluntary head shavings!) but, he should also be put to work! Too many work-less hours in MO have led to this poor boy's endless frustrations.... so have him roast some beans or something! -D.