Friday, December 26, 2008

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Okay, put down the new toys and listen to me...your Tucker County Trails Club (TCT) is hosting its winter auction fund raiser this Sunday December 28th at Hellbender Burritos. Your trails club has to have another one (1) of these events after TCT President, Benjamin Clark, drove Abus' Prius to Washington D.C., presented our needs-based case, a back-to-liquidity plan, requested fourteen (14) billion dollars, and (believe it or not) Congress told him to screw himself. Well, you've probably heard the story on NPR so I won't waste precious bandwidth on elaboration. Since TCT isn't a bank we have to raise monies the old fashioned way, auction and raffle! A couple of new items on the block this time are: a date with Jeremy (of Highland Prospects fame), an acoustic evening with "Doc" Lambert, or a free resuscitation from Abus. After last springs' successful Chris Mallow-autographed portrait auction we decided to take the next logical step and auction off what is in short supply on the mountain top, men! Jeremy has agreed to dinner and a movie for the lucky high bidder, and if the winning bid exceeds $100.00 he will provide a foot massage and/or pedicure. If dating Jeremy isn't for you (is that possible?)than maybe your next party could benefit from live music provided by "Doc" Lambert, and if someone at that party suffers cardiac arrest, keep the coupon for Abus' resuscitation nearby. If you've got the scratch, all three (3) could be used on the same night; depends on how hard you party. Now that I've got your attention I'll see you Sunday at Hellbender, oh and, did I mention the free live music courtesy of the Weedhawks? Okay, now you can get back to playing with your Wii.

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