Sunday, December 28, 2008

Red Carpet Treatment


Many years ago as an even younger man living in Anchorage, AK, I met John Travolta in the Captain Cook Hotel. Things I remember were: he needed a shave, his head was twice the size of normal men, and he was incredibly nice. Sure, it was during his "Look Who's Talking" movies, but nevertheless, it was still Tony Manero of "Saturday Night Fever" talking to me. I was standing in the presence of a real star, having a conversation with a real star, and I left that chance meeting now knowing a real star. Imagine walking into a room filled with stars, all of them incredibly nice, and willing; neigh eager, to meet and talk with you. You can find out tonight at the Tucker County Trails fund raiser. It will be a venerable solar system, the room aglow with gleaming smiles, flashbulbs exploding like silent fireworks, and money going to a good cause. It will be like Hollywood minus the chauffeurs. I will see you tonight for dining, dancing, imbibing, and all forms of frivolous behavior with all of our local celebrities at Hellbender Burritos, let's say seven-ish (7ish).

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