Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dog Training

There is a lot of looking to our national leader for inspiration these days. It's been awhile since we the people have had anyone we might consider being proud of, and since the HypnoFam too is hopeful, we look to a president for guidance on matters relating to canines. LBJ was one (1) dog handling prez. full of brutal, effective techniques. The HypnoFam may be misguided, but we know where to go for sage advice. The technique Mr. Johnson employed above is very similar to the method I use to get Charlie to eat...and go to the potty. I will start tomorrow with the presidentially prescribed doggie discipline.
Heeding even more recent presidential advice: we aboard the HypnoVessel, shall as the new president says, "conduct business in the light of day." As most of you already know, the HypnoVessel's plan for fueling the economic fire entails the selling (retail and wholesale) of our roasted coffee beans. Thus far, three (3) (Keith, Jeremy, and Mackie) friends/customers have stepped up of their own volition, and beat the pavement on our behalf in an attempt to garner wholesale customers. We are truly lucky to have such fine sailors aboard the HypnoShip sailing these tumultuous seas. Now is the time for you, o' lucky reader, to heed the call of your captain, asking not what Hypno can do for you, but you can do for Hypno. You've drank our coffee, is it better than what you are drinking at your neighborhood (Alexandria, Silver Springs, Arlington, et. al.) mud-slinging shop? I thought so. Would you rather they purvey the superior caffeinated grog you enjoy aboard the HypnoShip? Ask us for samples, and then pull the old "give and pester". Not only will you enjoy the eternal gratitude of the HypnoCrew, but a pirate's booty be ye reward! Talk to us next time you're aboard or call us to discuss your helping the scurvy dogs of Davis.

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Keith said...

I didnt know any of the dogs in Davis had scurvy - I thought it was just gastric distress from eatin deer guts form the deer waste pile on the outskirts of town. Dont worry you will know where it is as you continue your dog training and if you start walking your dog with the mad Hungarian woman from Henry and the local librarian.
Looking good on one of the potential new customers - will get with you this weekend