Monday, January 19, 2009

The Next Step

Wii Tourney! Chloe was the boxing champ!

Chip, enjoying Chloe's knock out of her old man in the first round.

I imagine our little community to be like other, bigger ones, its denizens divided between cynics, optimists, and folks torn between the two (2). Tomorrow a party will take place (Hellbender 8-11) to celebrate the inauguration of a new President and is undoubtedly hosted by folks falling into the optimist camp. Today Bubba pointed out to me that this summer the town of Davis will hold elections, and that five (5) council person seats and the mayor position are up for grabs. You have to file by the end of January if you want to throw your hat into the ring. It is often discussed, debated, and waxed philosophical on how this or that should be done, or the direction we need to take, and how we need to get involved. Now is your chance! Let's start talking about who's going to run and what we want to see happen in our town. I nominate Melissa (of Hellbender fame), if she runs our local government with half the efficiency she runs the 'bender kitchen we'll be in good stead. Plus she needs to get out of that kitchen.

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Anonymous said...

This is such an important post that I had to reply. We have been so happy about your shop since the first day my wife Ana and daughter Caeli (10 months now) stepped into it on a cold, snowy November morning. I have been coming to this area since early 90's and we have now become part of the community by purchasing a small place in Davis. My plea to those in the community is to heed the call of the elections and begin to shape the town the way you want it to be. It's so awesome to see local businesses thriving and I hope that trend will continue. In closing, a story is in order: The first night in our place was Friday the 16th. It was bone chilling cold and our daughter was not feeling well. Knowing we needed to get her to see someone, I went to Hypno searching for advice on where to go. I was given excellent info on how to get to the hospital in Oakland and off we went. Our daughter had an ear infection and is now on the mend. We spent four more days there enjoying the snow and people. Now that's a place you want to be a part of! Kudos to all of you making it happen!