Monday, January 12, 2009

The Exodus Continues

The mountian top's newest lady killer.

Becky spent her last day on top of the mountian aboard the HypnoVessel. She sat in the Kid's Corner making T-shirts most of the day; her idea, I didn't put her up to it. The shirts possess both the Spitz and the Swallow images she has become so fascinated with. There may be hope for her yet, if it were not for her leaving. A warm goodbye as she trips the highway fantastic towards Vermont. May the Green Mountain State embrace and keep during her travails there. Who's next to abandon ship? Will it be Dave, Ginger, and Keagan? I hear they're cruising the nether regions of occupied America in search of gainful employment. What, skeet shooting and SpongeBob drinking games not good enough for ya?
The recent exodus of young people alarmed the Director so much he telephoned the HypnoVessel today inquiring as to what I was doing to drive so many away. I assured him my plans did not involve banishment, save for him. No, we will all feel the affects of our neighbors moving on, even the Director embroiled in paternity suits (two (2) now) and weaning himself from HypnoCoffee acknowledged the vacuum. Speaking of vacuums, one (1) of our neutron stars, Mackie, was late for his first class today. What happened? Cougar got you by the tail?

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Anonymous said...


My... ahem...alarm didn't go off and then I got lost in the big city (which is literally crawling with dangerous long tailed green, blue and brown-eyed cougars). I thought I was safe when I finally made it to class but, much to my dismay, somehow they had managed to get in the classroom! How am I supposed to learn anything when I am trembling with fright all the time?!?

(not so) Anonymous